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Can I start a franchise or be involved in owning a restaurant in any way?
Yes. Falafel Corner is expanding and offering motivated entrepreneurs from all walks of life the opportunity to own and operate their own franchise. You can get more information about franchising at our franchising page.
What kind of fundraisers and donations does Falafel Corner support?
Falafel Corner is currently working with youth and community groups, university groups, and re-entry groups to have in-restaurant fundraisers where 33% of sales during the event go to the group. For more details on how fundraisers work, visit our fundraiser page here.
Will Falafel Corner donate to my event?
please note that we don't offer grants or cash donations at this time. We do provide some food donations to some specific charities, and in-kind donations. If you are interested in in-kind donations, then please reach out to us here.
How can my non-profit organization raise money outside of in-restaurant fundraisers?
We participate in Scrip programs, which are a great way for your non-profit organization to raise money outside of our in-restaurant fundraisers. Through Scrip, your supporters can help earn you money by purchasing Falafel Corner gift cards. Your organization is able to purchase our gift cards at a discount, resell to your supporters, and keep the difference. Click here to learn more.
How do Falafel Corner Rewards works?
You’ll have to become a member. Once you’re a member, you will earn 1 point for every $1 you spend at Falafel Corner. You will also earn points automatically when you order in our app and on FCorner.com, or when you use your phone to scan your member card at the register. Points can be redeemed for free menu items and more in the Rewards Exchange either online or in our app. Additionally, members get a gift on their respective birthday and so much more.
Do I need a smartphone to participate?
You won’t necessarily need a smartphone to participate but it does make it easier because our mobile app is the best way to experience Falafel Corner Rewards. To earn points in the restaurant without a mobile device, you’ll need to keep your receipt and submit a points request in our app or on FCorner.com
How do I earn FREE Pita & Hummus for signing up?
Earning free Pita & Hummus is easy. We’ll drop a free Pita & Hummus reward into your My Rewards wallet within 24-48 hours of you signing up and placing your first order of $5 or more in the app, online, or in the restaurant.
How do I sign up for the program?
We suggest downloading the Falafel Corner app for the best Rewards experience. However, you can also join online by creating or updating your account here
Why am I receiving an error message when I try to join Falafel Corner Rewards?
You are possibly getting this error because your email has been used to sign up for a Falafel Corner ordering account at some point. If you’ve forgotten your password, please make sure to recover that and then proceed.
What can I redeem my points for?
Points can be redeemed at Falafel Corner for a whole host of free menu items, ranging from gyros and burgers to our latest apparel and accessories from FC Goods. Points can also be used to help Falafel Corner promote a better world through nonprofit donations. You can go to our app or online to redeem your points through the Rewards Exchange.
Is there a limit on how many points I can have?
Though there is no limit for the number of points you are allowed to have, but we do – however – suggest redeeming them for rewards. Please be advised that points do expire after six months of no purchase or redemption activity.
How do I go about making a donation using my points?
Making donations is easy. Just visit the Rewards Exchange in the app or online and select one of our nonprofit partners. As soon as you’ve redeemed your points, Falafel Corner will make a $1 donation to the nonprofit you selected.
Can I get my points back If I selected the wrong item in the Rewards Exchange?
It’s important to understand once points are redeemed for a reward, then we can’t exchange it for a different one. Please choose wisely because points cannot be returned after you’ve selected to redeem.
What happens after I redeem my points for an FC Goods reward.
You will receive an email from Falafel Corner with a promo code that can be redeemed on FCGoods.com. The email usually comes in a few hours but if you don’t receive the email for some reason and its not in your spam folder, please contact us. If you have any promo code or shipping questions, please reach out to FCGoods customer service.
How do I apply a reward to my purchase?
This is vey simple. When you’re ready to use a reward in your My Rewards wallet, all you have to do is add it to your digital order bag or scan the reward at the register. The reward will automatically apply to the qualifying item in your order. Please make sure you read the reward details for any special purchase requirements.
Is there an expiration date for these rewards?
All rewards have an expiration date. Your can find this expiration date in the description section of the reward.
Am I able to earn points at any Falafel Corner?
All Falafel Corner restaurants in the U.S. facilitate the earning of point when you order in the Falafel Corner app, on FCorner.com, or in the respective restaurants.
Can I buy Falafel Corner sauces in large quantities?
Unfortunately, we do not actually sell any of our foods in bulk. In order to maintain the shelf life required for retail, we’d have to add preservatives and we don’t want to do that. We’re happy to sell you some sides if you’d like.
Where can I find Falafel Corner coupons?
We offer coupons through our social media partners so please like us on Facebook atfacebook.com/falafel corner or follow us on Twitter at @FalafelCorner. You can also sign up mobile and email alerts through the app.
How do I order food online via the world wide web?
You can order your food on our website or through our mobile app. All you have to do is press the Order Now button up and to the left of this page.
When are Falafel Corner restaurants open?
Most of our restaurants are open from 11:00 am to 8 pm every day of the week.
Where can I find restaurant locations?
Check out the Locations field in the upper right corner of the website
Where can I find out about new restaurants in my area?-
You can learn tons about Falafel Corner by using our app. Just download the app, click the human icon in the upper left-hand side, and click the preferences option. Here you can opt into email and text alerts so you always know what’s happening. If you’re more of the social type, you can like us on Facebook at facebook.com/Falafel Corner or follow us on Twitter at @Falafel Cornertweets.
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